bang: learning

Learning changed completely.

One generation ago (think 1995) we knew what was at reach. We had a limited number of books at home and a few TV channels, maybe access to a library, public or at school. Some had access to experts, in schools or conferences. And an elite of researchers was actually engaged in knowledge exchange. Learning was the result of an effort to increase individual reach.

One generation later (today) we know what we want. We have at home an unlimited source of content in the Web, hundreds of TV channels, national and international, and an unimaginable quantity of sources of recorded video. Everyone has access to experts, online, all the time. Everyone is a potential researcher. Learning is a result of an effort to find and filter content.

Learning is e-learning. Everyone sees that using e-learning support tools is mandatory to ensure the minimum quality of any learning activity. Everyone is looking for asynchronicity, the possibility to start and keep learning at his own pace instead of at the minute determined. Everyone is looking for digital content, indexed, hyperlinked. So, independently of how many synchronous, presential hours a course has, if it doesn’t include e-learning tools, today, it is not learning at all.

Learning is permanent. It’s not only technology that is evolving, the economy and the society are. And organizations need to follow the evolution and make sure everyone keeps up. That is learning, usually called Training, frequently provided by the organizations themselves, internally or outsourced. Training is (must be) permanent.

Learning is focusing. Baby boomers are retiring and thanks to technology they’ll have a busier, most interesting and deserved retirement. But Generation X learned one thing, started working in a different environment (think micro computers) and since then it changed completely (think Internet). Millennials were born in the middle of the revolution and actually don’t remember “how it was before”. And Generation Z have just arrived workplaces. With all of these together, how come don’t we focus on what’s relevant to everyone in an organization?

Learning is trust. You can trust the Earth is round if you trust the astronauts on board the International Space Station. You can trust why to use gloves in a certain task if you trust your Safety Manager. You can trust Mrs. Smith from first grade school two plus two are four. And from there you learn, you grow your knowledge to become as them, people that understand what they teach and not only show you but explain you. But you can’t trust everyone. Some will tell the Earth is flat. Some that gloves are dangerous. And some even two plus two are four because a hidden society this and that. That’s called unlearning and you shouldn’t trust it.

Permanent, focused, trustworthy learning (e-learning). That is the mission we had for a couple of decades now, where we helped organizations thrive and overcome traditional learning, limited, instructor-led, expensive and not as often has needed. Not enough. So we had to go a step further.

Enters bang: learning, a platform for permanent, focused, trustworthy delivery of knowledge. As the result of years long research and market demand, bang learning as a platform provides:

  • Simple and inexpensive development of Training Modules, that we think of learning objects or knowledge bits.
  • Support for producing and distributing from 3 minutes Modules, like One Point Lessons, to hours long Master classes
  • Organization of knowledge in Training Courses, that we see as learning paths or learning objectives
  • Support for producing and distributing from a few minutes Courses of one or few Modules to large number of hours, several Modules, complex Courses
  • Instant distribution of Training Modules and Courses in an always available platform
  • Distribution for Groups, that includes Profile-based Training, e.g. Welcome Training, Basic Skills, Safety Updates, Sales Forecast, and many others
  • Distribution for Classes, that include Subscription, Inscription or Prescription of Courses, in different scenarios

If you are looking for a solution to master the organization’s learning, look no further, bring us the challenge, we’ll provide the solution.

Furthermore, we are looking for international partners to provide localized content aimed at specific markets. Specifically, we would like to be contacted by companies interested in distributing localized training based on bang: learning. We can provide online the platform and content guidelines to partners that can provide locally investment, marketing and sales.