bang: logistics

Logistics stands for the management of things. The digital era had one paradox: the digitalization of the economy generated a consumption of paper. Now it has another paradox: the digitalization of society increased the need for more, better logistics.

In the strict sense of Logistics, the flow of goods between places with specific needs is well studied and solved. Most of the organizations have a system in place, most of the time answering these fundamental questions:

  • What do we have where, now?
  • What do we need where, sometime?
  • What do we need to do now to make sure nothing’s missing?

Most of the organizations answer some of these questions positively, but less than half answer all of them. That is the reason we develop solutions for all logistics problems, that include:

  • Location: the ability to track and register Assets through different locations
  • Traceability: the ability to trace back in time where, when and who
  • Inventory: the ability to determine quantities
  • Planning: the ability to calculate and plan future needs

All these can be applied to:

  • Raw and Packing Materials
  • Products
  • Vehicles
  • Tools
  • People
  • Everything (Internet of Things)

Logistics of Digital Goods or Intangible Assets is a new challenge that inherits the traditional logistics practice combined with the information highway, where you can do it wrong but much faster. We’re also ready for that challenge!