bang stands for “business at next generation”, a mission that incorporates the focus on new ways of doing business and the constant pursuit of the best for any business. The brand is used in an open source software platform that joins the robustness of heavily tested applications with the flexibility of bespoke solutions.

As a technology, it is developing a system that incorporates several years of Research & Development, tens of Applied Research projects, hundreds of models implemented, thousands of satisfied users and millions of transactions completed. This is a mission rather than a design feature, as it wants to accommodate the challenges of every business where they’re most important, the core business activities.

As a platform, it is evolving its’ technology, based on open standards and commercial solutions, using the most modern Web standards, with a vision to provide the most transversal, hassle-free experience to all users. So far ahead of its time that doesn’t provide training or instructions, it just incorporates any business using its own vocabulary.

As a company, bang is a bootstrapped, privately held small business aiming to transform the world of business through the empowerment of companies and managers for digital transformation. We look to find businesses that think alike and, either as customers, partners and investors, want to pursuit innovation at the desired speed, purpose and results.

What can you expect as a Customer?

Absolute business confidentiality, the reason why you don’t find a portfolio or customer references. You’ll find a lot of references published by customers and partners as they wish, but you won’t find us publicizing the amazing results our solutions bring to businesses all around.

Complete transparency. No hidden code, no hidden clauses, no strings attached. It’s your code, your business. We are more than pleased with the years our customers stay with us just because they trust us, not because a contract says so.

Higher return on investment, through innovative solutions that disrupt businesses and sectors, not the cheap stuff, but the robust, flexible and profitable solutions. We love to involve Finance Managers in what we do, they’re our best advocates.

Zero hassle from the first day, as we lead the way according to your expectations, make sure everything comes together smoothly and get your final approval on what’s done. We believe you don’t have to pay for what’s not working and helped several customers change providers that don’t believe the same.

Innovation you can afford, the best realistically available solutions in the market. Technology that actually works, today, not in a decade, at a fair price, not at rocket science cost. And that eventually makes your business exclusive, maybe the only answering customers expectations, locally, regionally or globally.

If you feel you need to know more or are still uncomfortable with the opportunity we can offer you, feel free to postpone your success and keep looking around or you may get in touch with us. Fast.