bang: API

Software as a Service (SaaS) is the concept of using a software package remotely without any local need of infrastructure.
Application Programming Interface (API) is a gateway for data to pass the borders of an application under a set of conditions.
By combining both SaaS and API, we bring you API as a Service, APIaaS if you prefer. We develop, maintain and operate application interface orchestration solutions that ensure applications communicate to each other in multiple scenarios.


When a task needs to be done and can be well structured, a bot (software robot) can perform it endlessly. Some examples:
When a price changes, send a mail message to all customer reps with the change.
An employee get a mail message on her birthday or an alert if a absence report is overdue.
If a specific product quality feature gets out of control, the right supervisor is alerted with full set of data to analyze.
All units produced are automatically added to inventory managed in another application.
If an invoice is overdue for more time than is usual for that customer, both customer and sales rep are alerted.
Everyday, the combined bank account statements and payables & receivables forecast are combined and summarized fir Treasury to follow cash flow in the short term.


Some older applications and closed packages not providing APIs can be a limitation for business process improvement. By building an API over an existing application, all other systems can now get to its’ data. Some examples:
Old ERP gets an API upgrade allowing a CRM to integrate smoothly, resulting in sales reps using exclusively the new system without loosing the data from the former.
Web Site gets integrated with invoicing system and mailing so that customers may have instant invoices from their online purchases.
Utilities business integrates flat consumption data from legacy devices and sets a unique look smart solution.


When sometimes a system migration has to occur, not always all the tools are available, either because of vendor or version incompatibility. By setting APIs to orchestrate data between systems, migrations may happen with zero downtime, low implementation cost and minimal impact on operations.
Discontinued system gets it’s databased migrated and encapsulated in an API to ensure data access at a very low investment and fast implementation.
New accounting system gets implemented and coexists in parallel for a full fiscal period to ensure progressive process setup and validation.


We provide development services to create and integrate APIs, with a simplification and iterative approach that ensures maximum results at better costs, maximizing return on investment. We push hard to provide highly profitable projects, often above 100% ROR.


We maintain a full stack of services over the cloud and on premises to ensure full time availability and real time or near real time data availability. Our servers produce thousands of operations per day, ensuring every client works 24 hours over 365 days and any disruption is addressed and solved according with expectations. We also provide fast reconfiguration services that support business process adjustments at record times.


Our customers can operate smoothly at a distance but with total control over both operations and systems reliability, with dashboards, alerts and reports that make everything transparent. We also provide custom developed solutions that extend data gathering to tasks previously unthinkable.

To know more about APIs and how we are changing businesses, don’t hesitate to contact us.