bang: wireless

bang: wireless
bang: wireless

Trusting what you can’t see is not easy. And years after Wireless networking became a standard, the multitude of solutions and installations is overwhelming. Our solutions are possible because we can rely on networking and, particularly, on wireless networking. We want to have connectivity as we have electricity. But how is that possible?

Thanks to new standards and new technology, fast, quality, reliable Wi-Fi is now available. We teamed up with industry leading device manufacturers and developed a solution to address the problems of medium to large size organizations.

In a domestic or small office setup, up to some 20 users and 100 m2, an off-the-shelf mesh solution is the adequate way to go. And there’s no need for experts and telecoms telling you what to do and never come up with a full feature solution. Don’t take our word: look for this in your local store, at less than $300 to cover a small office or large house it’s a no-brainer.

The trouble starts at large offices and venues, where hundreds or thousands of user devices fight for bandwidth and cause traffic jams we’ve experienced too much often. Here enters High Density Wi-Fi, a technology that accommodates several devices per square meter and identifies best connections to roam users to the best positioned antennas.

We’ve bundled the industry know-how of High Density Wi-Fi with a large experience in networking infrastructure and IT consulting to come up with a competitive, global scale, multi-vendor solution to solve large scale challenges. Our solution includes:

  • Joint Customer + Partner + Consultant Project Management
  • Optimized, iterative, implementation-oriented site planning
  • Online consultant team
  • Local infrastructure and equipment deployment
  • Turn-key solution to multi-locations and venues of any size, up to tens of thousands of users
  • Cloud management applications, with Artificial Intelligence and warning & alert system

The result is very simple: a state of the art solution at a fraction of the cost.