bang: industry

The fourth industrial revolution is here and we barely started adopting the technology available to our businesses.

Note: this is not only about Manufacturing!

It’s not difficult to understand the potential business transformation through “rapid change to technology, industries, and societal patterns and processes in the 21st century due to increasing interconnectivity and smart automation.” (it’s on Wikipedia!)

One could spend days studying and architecting the next big thing in Industry 4.0 but the truth is that there’s so much to be done we should focus on action. Here are a few big questions that can be asked:

  • Do we have all relevant operational data being acquired? (see Internet of Things, Human-Device Interaction, Cyber-Physics systems…)
  • Do we get data analysed? (see Business Intelligence, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, …)
  • Do we transform data into business actions? (see Systems Integration, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, …)
  • Do we transform business through technology innovation? (see Cloud, 3D Printing, e-business, …)

We’ve positioned bang as the go to platform for any industry to accommodate technology innovation through established and reliable solutions. We believe in breakthrough, emerging technology, but we are focused on what is available today to company’s of all sizes to explore the immense opportunity to automate, design and innovate business processes.

Note: it’s about any Industry, hence, your industry.